Beginner Workouts With A Twist

Making adjustments to your new workout routine? Starting to exercise for the first time? Whether you were already starting to build your momentum or want to step up for the first time, we’ve got some beginner workouts to support your journey.

Right now, we’re all facing a shift in personal schedules, sharing our solo sanctuaries, and losing social allowances that have taken gym visits off of the table.

No matter if you’ve delayed your New Year’s resolution to hit the gym, or just want to shake off the stiffness of sitting through another streaming marathon, we’ve got some great exercises in store for you.

While some opt to take a jaunt through an empty park or maneuver through passers-by on their neighborhood block, we realize that “inside” is the current command center for most of us.

From low-key Yoga to HIIT, we’ve got plenty of beginner workouts to relieve stress, challenge your body and excite your state of mind! So if you’re feeling stuck (mentally and physically), we’ve got you. This new, extended 30-day trial is entirely risk-free. No credit card information is required until your trial ends. Join us today and let’s keep moving together.

We’d like to introduce you to one of our wonderful trainers, Rachel Silverman, and her all-encompassing beginner Yoga workouts that include strengthening & lengthening moves and the ever-important: stellar soundtracks. In one of our favorites, Rachel walks us through a full-body “Beginner Yoga: Twist” routine that’s perfect to get your body warmed up and prepped to dive into any other exercise that catches your eye.

This flow will prime you for tackling all of your fitness goals and even serves as a killer post-workout stretch when you slowly extend each pose. Wake up your muscles, and loosen those stiff joints by twisting it all out on the mat (promise, you won’t get dizzy). 

Our Rachel gives 27 minutes of detailed step-by-step (or lunge-by-lunge) directions, so you can keep focused while the household madness ensues around you (dogs, kids, conference calls…). And, never fear, the Inspire Fitness App is here for a mobile workout if the family room gets too crowded.

Reach for us in your device’s App Store, or on the Web App for more beginner workout videos and for everything else in between. You’ll find videos that cover everything from high-impact Yoga to targeted machine workout classes.

Inspire Fitness is committed to your goals, take a quick twenty minutes to commit to one of our workouts. Already a member of the Inspire family? Let your friends know that the first 30 days are on us.

Be sure to keep up with Rachel and her other awesome activities on Instagram, including Live workouts: @rachel_yoga. Trust, seeing her Jiu-Jitsu wins will surely motivate you to get going.

While the world stands still, let’s keep moving.

Take a sneak peak of Rachel’s Beginner Yoga: Twists.

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