The Smith machine was introduced in 1950 by American fitness guru Jack Lalanne. There are a variety of exercises that you can perform using this powerful equipment. The Smith machine targets major muscle groups and is a great way to get back in shape. There are many types of Smith machines available in the market and all of them offer diverse functionality to pursue your fitness goals.

The main star of the smith machine is the barbell, which allows you to perform squats, bench presses, shrugs, tricep extensions, bicep curls and deadlifts. The barbell is placed between two steel rails – this allows the barbell to move in a vertical direction with support from the rails. Steel hooks are present at either side of the barbell, allowing users to safely secure it when fatigue sets in.

If you are looking for the ideal fitness equipments for home use, then the

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Specialty Fitness Equipment Surge Protectors

Trouble shooting for treadmills, incline and vibration trainers

It’s a common problem with an easy fix: A customer gets a new treadmill, is excited to use it and plugs it in, only to have the power surge and turn off.

Before you call an electrician or service person from the fitness store, there are some simple troubleshooting tips to try.


Most modern homes have two types of outlets: GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter) or AFCI (Arc Fault Circuit Interrupter).

Both styles of outlets will “trip” if a hazardous condition is detected in the home’s wiring. However, because of the outlet’s design, treadmills and incline trainers do not interact well with GFCI or AFCI outlets.

You probably won’t be trying to plug specialty fitness equipment into GFCI outlets, which are usually located in bathrooms or kitchens. They are often marked by a red

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The Worst Foods to Eat Before Your Workout

When it comes to your diet, food is fuel. Your body processes food, and provides glycgen from it to feed your muscles – and your muscles burn glycogen to provide energy. And, when you workout, your body requires even more fuel. You wouldn’t put bad gas in your car, as that would cause it to run poorly. Same holds true for the fuel you put into your body. Here’s some of the worst foods to eat before your workout.

If you’re looking to loose weight, you want to take in less calories of food than you’ll burn during the day, but your muscles don’t actually use fat during your workout. Your muscles uses glycogen (i.e. glucose) stored in your muscles and liver. Once that is used up, then your body breaks down fatty acids known as triacylglycerols which are present in adipose or fat tissue. Because fat is a high-energy

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In 2003, Inspire Fitness brought a new level of quality and passion to fitness equipment. With expertly crafted, heavy-duty steel products, we became a trusted brand in the home-gym market. We’ve since grown our product offerings and fitness support for customers across the US. Since 2020, we have brought world-class trainers into your home through our App, helping you get the most out of your workouts, and demonstrating effective ways to use your equipment. And while we always strive to heighten your experience with us at home, we want to make the purchasing process just as efficient.

While our equipment is available for purchase online and through popular retailers nationwide, there’s an excellent in-person shopping experience waiting for you.

Founded in 2001, American Home Fitness has been dedicated to providing the best in fitness products, advice, and service to Michigan and Northwest Ohio markets. Whether a person is looking
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Incorporating Biomechanics in Strength Training Equipment

The biomechanics of strength equipment are said to be accurate if the following conditions are met:

Range of Motion
Range of Motion

The machine’s range of motion should work for a large group of people with varying body sizes, structures, height and strength and capability. The uniform impact throughout the range of motion is achieved by the accurate design of the CAM and the movement arms. Into Wellness products deliver a consistently high standard of stretch/impact across the entire range to ensure full muscular development. The Pec Fly/Rear Delt is a great example of a machine which delivers accurate range of motion to train the targeted muscles effectively.

Muscle Isolation

The machine should isolate the targeted muscles to be able to create the impact during the exercise. For example the Lat Pulldown machine, is one of our most preferred upper body exercise machines that delivers muscle

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