5 Bodyweight Exercises You Must Do With A Weight Bench

Weight benches are ideal if you are looking for fitness equipment that allows you to carry out a variety of exercises. A weight bench offers versatility and can be used for chest presses, lifting dumbbells, core exercises, and a lot more!

In this article, we will look at bodyweight exercises that can be performed using a weight bench. A bodyweight exercise is a strength training exercise that relies on the individual’s weight to produce resistance against gravity. The exercises mentioned below may be tough to master at first but are totally worth it if you are willing to devote the time for them!

1. Plyo Plank Hold

Ranked high among the toughest bench workouts, the plyo bench plank hold is a challenging workout for your core. Targeting the abs, it boosts the heart rate and helps reduce unhealthy fats in the body.

2. Chinese Plank

This exercise helps boost strength while improving posture and spinal health. Place the upper back on a bench and position your heels on another platform or bench. Expand and lift your hips into the air. This creates a line that goes from your shoulders to the feet. Maintain this posture for as long as you can and repeat it.

3. Triceps Extension

This exercise will strengthen the back portion of your upper arm. Position your hands at shoulder-width apart on a bench. Step back in such a way that your arms are extended. Keep your elbows tucked and lower your head till its below the hands. Then extend your elbows and push back up to get to full extension.

4.Feet-Elevated Mountain Climb

Mountain climbing exercises performed on a bench help target a variety of muscle groups, including the lower back, abs, glutes and hamstrings. These exercises help to gain an upright posture and strengthen the core and glutes.

This exercise involves the raising and lowering of your feet from a workout bench. Providing a thorough workout, this exercise also puts your hip abductors to work.

5. Hip Thrust with Feet Elevation

Targeting the glutes, this exercise helps improve your speed, strength, speed, and power by teaching optimal hip extension. By performing this exercise, you will prepare your body to become better at deadlifts, squats, sprints and vertical jumps.

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