All over the world, plastic is used a lot and glass packaging has given way to plastic packaging. In the past, people did not know at all that plastic was actually very bad. Plastic is mainly chosen because it is very cheap when compared to glass. Glass is a lot more expensive to produce and is therefore used less. The average person turns over 7 plastic containers every day, and all this is truly polluting. Plastic is really polluting to the environment, both in production and use. Glass packaging, on the contrary, is very sustainable and there are many more advantages to using glass packaging.

Especially for the cosmetics industry, you can see that the benefits of glass packaging are huge. This is because they ensure that the quality of cosmetic products remains intact. It is also wise to use glass packaging for food products. This is because plastic contains harmful substances, which in some cases are even carcinogenic. Would you like to see all the advantages of glass packaging at a glance? In this article, we list them so you can see all the advantages of glass packaging.

Advantage 1: strong material

Glass is a very strong material when compared to plastic. Of course, glass breaks easily if you drop it, but it has a very long lifespan. If you are careful with glass, it can easily last for decades. Some wine bottles are more than 200 years old, and this shows how strong the material actually is now. Glass is the strongest packaging material, and this brings several advantages. This is especially useful with cosmetic products, as they are safely secured in the packaging. Glass is non-porous and this means that it cannot absorb the contents, and this does happen with plastic. This is important to preserve the quality of the contents, ideally, of course.

Benefit 2: appearance

The appearance of glass packaging is naturally a lot better than plastic packaging. This is because glass packaging is transparent, and this allows you to see the contents. In addition, it also simply looks sleek and is more attractive than plastic packaging anyway. At Calaso, they have a wide range of high-quality glasses. Of course, they have these in different shapes and sizes, which makes them ideal for cosmetic products. For storing your make-up, this is the ideal solution and you can easily order it on the internet.

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