Great Eight Benefits Of Using Free Weights

Here are eight benefits of using free weights:

1.    WORK MUSCLES MORE EFECTIVELY – When you use free weights for strength training, you have to work harder against gravity. This is because you have to lift dumbbells or plates. As you maneuver the weight into different positions, this works out different muscles – including stabilizer muscles that aren’t activated as much on machines.

2.    CARDIO BENEFIT -In the first 4 weeks of strength training with free weights, your body builds muscle by contracting each muscle group. This helps to improve your overall strength while also burning fat

3.    GAIN STRENGTH AND MASS – After a period of regular strength training with free weights, the structure of your muscles changes to build larger, stronger muscles. Progress takes time, but you should start seeing results within a couple weeks.

4.    VERSATILITY – Free weights, like dumbbells or weight plates lifted on bars for exercises such as squats and shoulder presses, offer countless possibilities. You can do a multitude of different lifts, pushes or pulls with free weights!

Free weights won’t limit your range of motion like machines will and instead provide you with real-life, functional movement patterns.

5.  IMPROVE YOUR BALANCE – By using free weights, you can improve your balance and coordination as you must support the weight with your body. This is especially beneficial when lifting heavier weights or performing exercises like squats or overhead presses. When using machines, a lot of the balancing portion of the exercise is removed by sitting on a seat or standing in a fixed position.

6.  INCREASE BONE DENSITY – Regular strength training with free weights can help strengthen bones and increase bone density. This is especially beneficial for older individuals who may be more susceptible to bone-related illnesses such as osteoporosis. Free weight exercises like squats and lunges are great for improving bone density and strength.

7.  REDUCE YOUR RISK OF INJURY – When you use free weights, your body is forced to work in a more natural position. This helps decrease the risk of injury as your body responds to the resistance training by developing coordination and balance. By using free weights, you can also learn proper form which can help prevent injuries that may occur when using machines. 

8.  IMPROVE YOUR CORE – Free weights are great for working your core muscles, as you must constantly engage them to stabilize the weight and maintain good posture throughout each exercise. This helps to strengthen your midsection and improve overall balance and stability. By using free weights, you can also target core muscles more effectively than with machines. 

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