Six-Pack Of Reasons To Own A Treadmill

Here are six reasons to get a treadmill, followed by advantages to shopping at one of At Home Fitness’ superstores or online at


RELIABLE SURFACE – Running on a good treadmill provides a smooth, cushioned surface to churn out your miles on.

An uneven surface outside can lead to injuries, or aggravate minor issues a runner is already having. Of course, someone is also much more likely to hit an uneven spot when running outside, like tripping on a curb, slipping when it’s cold or rainy, or twisting their ankle in a pothole.

Treadmills are really nice for athletes who are coming back from an injury to find their stride again because of the guaranteed smooth, safe surface.

SAFETY – Expanding on the idea of a more comfortable running surface, a treadmill is just flat out safer in general than running outside.

When you’re running outside there are a multitude of potential hazards to be aware of: Inattentive drivers who are texting or looking at their radio, dogs that aren’t on leashes and sudden weather changes, like rain storms, are all issues that will be avoided while running in the comfort of your own home.

TAILOR YOUR WORKOUT – With the technology available on treadmills nowadays, there’s really nothing you can’t do when it comes to tracking the data of a treadmill run and controlling the workout.

You can set up custom workouts or use pre-programmed courses. Treadmills are programmable, so keep things interesting by adjusting the speed, incline and-or decline. Most treadmills come with pre-set workouts and can also be synched up with iPad or smart phone apps.

CONTROL YOUR SCREENS – Set up a TV or tablet and pass the time by watching TV, a movie, or crank some tunes out to enhance your run.

GOOD FORM – Most of us have no idea what we look like while running, but if there’s a mirror near your treadmill it’s a good way to check your form.

In fact, just running on a treadmill can improve your form even if you’re not looking at yourself in a mirror.

About 20 years ago, researchers found runners have reduced stride lengths and higher stride frequencies on a treadmill as compared with ground running due to the feeling of instability while running on a treadmill. All of these can help improve your form and reduce impact forces on the body, Runners World reported.

MIDDLE GROUND – When running on a treadmill, make sure to stay in the middle of the machine. That’s where the most cushioning is. Some people like to run right near the front of the treadmill, for reasons like being closer to the electronics panel or grabbing onto the handles, but the treadmill is engineered for people to stay in the middle.


Good treadmills cost a decent amount of money up front, but they are a true investment that will pay off many times over in benefits over the long run.

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