5 Reasons You Should Opt For Smith Machines!

The Smith machine was introduced in 1950 by American fitness guru Jack Lalanne. There are a variety of exercises that you can perform using this powerful equipment. The Smith machine targets major muscle groups and is a great way to get back in shape. There are many types of Smith machines available in the market and all of them offer diverse functionality to pursue your fitness goals.

The main star of the smith machine is the barbell, which allows you to perform squats, bench presses, shrugs, tricep extensions, bicep curls and deadlifts. The barbell is placed between two steel rails – this allows the barbell to move in a vertical direction with support from the rails. Steel hooks are present at either side of the barbell, allowing users to safely secure it when fatigue sets in.

If you are looking for the ideal fitness equipments for home use, then the Smith machine is the right choice for you. Let’s look at why you should add a Smith machine to your home or commercial gym.

1) It promotes safe lifting

As mentioned earlier, the hooks do a capable job of ensuring that the user performs safe lifts. Balance and stability issues have always been an issue with squats and lunges. Not anymore with smith machines. Since the barbell is secured to the sliding rail, you can either move it up or down and this prevents mishaps from happening.

2) It improves posture and form

With the barbell properly secured, you can focus on your posture and this will help you perform lifts flawlessly. This ensures you steer clear of injuries while strengthening your muscles and keeping your joints stable and strong.

3) It can be easily used by beginners

Smith machines offer exceptional stabilization and this allows you to perform exercises with ease – even if you haven’t squatted, rowed or lunged before!

4) It helps to focus on specific muscle groups

If you are targeting specific muscle groups, then the Smith machine is for you! Since it offers only a single angle of movement, you can pull, push or squat in that isolated plane. This helps to meet specific exercise targets.

5) It ensures you lift more

A Smith machine ensures that you don’t have to struggle for balance. This coupled with the proper posture you get from this machine will ensure you lift more with Smith machines that with free weight.

Whether you are looking for commercial fitness equipments or home fitness equipments, the Smith machine is a great addition to your daily routine. At Fitness World, we have an amazing collection of fitness equipment that can meet your health goals or that your clients. Visit us to explore our exciting range of Smith machines!

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