Biomechanics Incorporated in Gym Equipment for Effective Fitness Gains

Incorporating Biomechanics in Strength Training Equipment

The biomechanics of strength equipment are said to be accurate if the following conditions are met:

Range of Motion
Range of Motion

The machine’s range of motion should work for a large group of people with varying body sizes, structures, height and strength and capability. The uniform impact throughout the range of motion is achieved by the accurate design of the CAM and the movement arms. Into Wellness products deliver a consistently high standard of stretch/impact across the entire range to ensure full muscular development. The Pec Fly/Rear Delt is a great example of a machine which delivers accurate range of motion to train the targeted muscles effectively.

Muscle Isolation

The machine should isolate the targeted muscles to be able to create the impact during the exercise. For example the Lat Pulldown machine, is one of our most preferred upper body exercise machines that delivers muscle isolation effectively. The Iso-lateral movement and optimal range of motion makes our equipment suitable for professional athletes and bodybuilders.

Muscle Engagement without any load on the Joint

The machine would be called biomechanically accurate if it engages the muscle without putting any load on the bone joint. For example, the Seated Leg Extension machine impacts the quadriceps without affecting the Patella joint.


Path of Motion

The path of motion of pulley should be accurate and precise which would thereby result in a smooth workout experience. Our entire product range is built around anatomically-correct motions with CAM and pulleys that deliver ideal muscle resistance throughout each movement. Precision bearings of Into Wellness machines ensure that movements are smooth and fluid, making these units even more easier to use.


Our machines offer an extended range of motion that includes both pre-stretch and contraction, enabling targeted muscle groups to be fully engaged, thus delivering a more effective and efficient exercise. The machines are designed in a way that individuals of different shape and body type can adjust their pre-stretch position as per their requirement.

Accurate Angles
Accurate Angles

The best example of a gym equipment having accurate angles in the Leg press with 45 Degree. Convergent and Divergent motions accurately mirror the human body, ensuring muscles are correctly activated for maximum workout results. The Machine joints should be designed in such a way that it provides high stability to the machine. For heavy users the machine should not vibrate and destabilize.

Another important aspect that would make a machine biomechanically accurate is that it should facilitate muscle and mind connection.


Ergonomic Considerations

All the adjustments need to be easily accessible to the users while being in a comfortable seated position. For example, the back seat of the Into Wellness Leg Extension machine and the weight selector pin can be both adjusted while being seated. Easy adjustments are crucial for a positive exercise experience. Into Wellness’s pneumatic lift seats are uniquely designed to be adjusted while sitting on them. This is something that many other manufacturers fail to incorporate into their products while also using an old rack and pinion system which requires users to get off in order to make adjustments. 

Seat Adjustments
Seat Adjustments

With simple seat adjustments, rotating hand-grips, and varied weight increments gym equipment machines should suit people of every size and strength capability. Due to the innovative design of Into Wellness’s pneumatic lift seating, the height can be adjusted whilst in the seated position for maximal convenience. For example, the M7 Series Leg Extension machine has 4 starting positions for superior pre-stretch adjustments and range of motion adjustment. The dimensions of the seats and its orientation is accurate enough to enable the user to perform the exercise correctly.

Input Arms and Handle Positions

Input arms on equipment need to be counterbalanced with rubber counter weights, for appropriately eliminating the weight of the assembly from the weight selected by the user, ensuring lighter starting resistance. Our machines deliver the same to ensure that the selected weight can be lifted seamlessly by the user. The handle orientation and grips should be convenient for the users without straining the  joints. For example, the handle of the Bicep Curl is designed in a way that does not impact the wrist joint.

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