What’s so special about Showrooms?

In 2003, Inspire Fitness brought a new level of quality and passion to fitness equipment. With expertly crafted, heavy-duty steel products, we became a trusted brand in the home-gym market. We’ve since grown our product offerings and fitness support for customers across the US. Since 2020, we have brought world-class trainers into your home through our App, helping you get the most out of your workouts, and demonstrating effective ways to use your equipment. And while we always strive to heighten your experience with us at home, we want to make the purchasing process just as efficient.

While our equipment is available for purchase online and through popular retailers nationwide, there’s an excellent in-person shopping experience waiting for you.

Founded in 2001, American Home Fitness has been dedicated to providing the best in fitness products, advice, and service to Michigan and Northwest Ohio markets. Whether a person is looking for their first treadmill to ignite their personal home fitness journey or the seasoned fitness enthusiast looking to build their own home fitness center, American Home Fitness understands that fitness is personal and means different things to different people. Our mission is to serve each customer as a member of our fitness family and we are ready to run the extra mile, lift the additional rep, or take the additional jump to make sure that each customer is equipped for their fitness goals and lifestyle. This is why our partnership with Inspire has been so valuable and critical to our mission. The quality, value, and variety of Inspire products have allowed us to meet our customers in a variety of spaces.

Let’s walk you through our Showroom shopping experience:

  • Knowledgeable staff – Showroom professionals factor in your fitness goals to help you build the gym setup that meets your personal needs. Ultimate gym planners
  • Digital floor planning – 3D room planners are used to design your home gym layout specific to your space – no guesstimating. 
  • White Glove Delivery Experience – Delivery, speedy set up,  recycling and garbage removal. All set! No sweat.
  • Variety – Showrooms are able to show a larger range of our products as opposed to select pieces. 
  • Hands-on shopping – See, touch and hit a couple reps. Experience the equipment dimensions IRL – no surprises on delivery day!
  • Special service – receive ongoing support and service for parts, repairs, regular maintenance, and other needs.

To sum it up: You can build your tailored home gym with experts at your side!

G&G Fitness Equipment is a full-service provider of specialty home and commercial fitness equipment. Since 1990, the G&G Fitness Companies have evolved into one of the premier sources of fitness solutions in the United States. Inspire has worked with G&G for over 10 years & the work we accomplish every day is designed to empower all bodies and inspire fitness across the globe.

Whether its Functional Trainers, Rowers, Striders, or all of the above, associates at Inspire Fitness Showrooms are there to help you bring your dream home gym to life. Shop at a Showroom and receive door-to-door service, leaving you with your workout-ready machine! 

Shop InspireFitness.com or click through to our Showrooms tab and find a retailer near you!

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