Pros and Cons of Training to Muscle Failure

Training to failure almost sounds like a self-defeating plan but muscle failure (in bodybuilding or weight training) is just another way of saying that the muscle is simply no longer able to perform another repetition. It refers to lifting weights to the point where a muscle can no longer contract concentrically. 

Most regularly, people don’t train to complete failure, if you try to push a little harder you might be able to do another rep as your trainer suggests! Those who train up to complete muscle failure are usually bodybuilders or powerlifters, with a specific goal of building larger muscles. However, training to failure also has its pros and cons, knowing both the aspects is essential to whether or not training to failure is right for you.

What is Training to Muscle Failure?

Lifting more weights (as much the body can handle) is a primary way of body building muscles

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Happy Thanksgiving from Fitness 4 Home Superstore

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year to think about all the things we are thankful for and to spend time with family and friends. Take some time out and enjoy the holidays. We want to thank all our family, friends and acquaintances for a wonderful year here at Fitness 4 Home Superstore. We want to thank you for your support, faith and trust in our home fitness products and services, and we look forward to another great year working with you.

We will be closed for Thanksgiving so that our staff can also enjoy spending time with their families. We will return on Friday, November 25th – stop by one of our three Valley locations for great deals and incredible savings!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bob Lachniet
Co-Owner/ President
Fitness 4 Home Superstore

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Bob Lachniet is the owner of Fitness 4 Home Superstore.

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Are Fitness Wearables the Future of Healthcare & Wellness

Now-a-days, our lives revolve around smart devices- apart from phones, there are smart toasters, smart home devices, smart security devices, etc. In the age of ‘everything smart’, the wearable industry has stepped in with extremely innovative and intelligent health and fitness devices. Fitness, health and data tracking wearables or commonly known as fitness wearables have been catching popularity lately, helping us stay informed and in-touch with ourselves.

What is wearable technology?

Wearable technology is integrated in electronic devices that are physically worn by individuals in order to track, analyze and transmit personal data. These ‘smart IoT devices’ can track various biometric data from heart rate to sleep patterns and much more.

Wearables (as we commonly call them) are electronic devices that are worn on a person in order to accurately relay or transmit important medical, biological and exercise data to a database.

What are Fitness Wearables?

Fitness wearables are associated

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Different Exercise Types for Senior Citizens

Before you get started with an exercise routine, make sure to visit a physician to check which exercises are ideal for your current fitness level.

Simple Cardio Exercises

Cardio exercises are simple and easy to perform irrespective of your age. Getting into a routine of daily simple walking is also a cardio exercise because it gets your heart pumping. You can also opt for senior citizen’s aerobics for an overall cardio experience. 


As you age, your muscles tend to become stiff and lose their flexibility, and hence stretching exercises can loosen your stiffness making you feel more free, enhancing your range of motion. Some of the simple stretching exercises that can be performed are- neck stretch, upper back stretch, ankle rotation, knee lifts, heel raises, shoulder blade squeeze, etc. You can perform these anytime of the day, as per your convenience.

Balance Boosters
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Can’t manage to get pregnant together? That is of course very annoying, and many couples around the world suffer from this. Not being able to get pregnant can be very unpleasant for the mother, but of course also for the man. For many people, being able to get pregnant is very important and this can cause a lot of uncertainty for both people. For many men, this is a big issue and being fertile is important. When questions come up about this, it is of course very annoying. When a woman cannot get pregnant, in most cases, it is because of the man. Of course, this does not directly mean that you as a man are infertile, but it could also be that the quality of your sperm is somewhat lower. As a man, it is of course very nice if you can get more information here, and fortunately, you …

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