In 2003, Inspire Fitness brought a new level of quality and passion to fitness equipment. With expertly crafted, heavy-duty steel products, we became a trusted brand in the home-gym market. We’ve since grown our product offerings and fitness support for customers across the US. Since 2020, we have brought world-class trainers into your home through our App, helping you get the most out of your workouts, and demonstrating effective ways to use your equipment. And while we always strive to heighten your experience with us at home, we want to make the purchasing process just as efficient.

While our equipment is available for purchase online and through popular retailers nationwide, there’s an excellent in-person shopping experience waiting for you.

Founded in 2001, American Home Fitness has been dedicated to providing the best in fitness products, advice, and service to Michigan and Northwest Ohio markets. Whether a person is looking
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Incorporating Biomechanics in Strength Training Equipment

The biomechanics of strength equipment are said to be accurate if the following conditions are met:

Range of Motion
Range of Motion

The machine’s range of motion should work for a large group of people with varying body sizes, structures, height and strength and capability. The uniform impact throughout the range of motion is achieved by the accurate design of the CAM and the movement arms. Into Wellness products deliver a consistently high standard of stretch/impact across the entire range to ensure full muscular development. The Pec Fly/Rear Delt is a great example of a machine which delivers accurate range of motion to train the targeted muscles effectively.

Muscle Isolation

The machine should isolate the targeted muscles to be able to create the impact during the exercise. For example the Lat Pulldown machine, is one of our most preferred upper body exercise machines that delivers muscle

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What is Schizotypal Personality Disorder?

A personality disorder which is defined as odd or eccentric, people with this condition have intense discomfort with social situations and intimate relationships.  Schizotypal personality disorder is a distressing condition, as sufferers have difficulty making friends or having physical relationships which can leave them feeling isolated and alone.  They have unusual thoughts, speech patterns, behaviours and beliefs, and are often distrustful, suspicious and paranoid.  The condition is more common in men than women and not usually diagnosed till early adulthood.


As with most personality disorders it is believed that the cause is a mixture of biological, genetic and environmental factors.  These can include things like genes you inherit from your parents or chemical imbalances or changes in the brain.

People with a family history of schizophrenia or paranoia are often more at risk of developing the disorder.  Almost half

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Testosterone is one of the strongest male hormones. It is mainly made in the testicles, but small amounts are also made in the adrenal glands. When males hit puberty, the body starts producing large amounts of testosterone, driving changes in how people look and sound. Teen boys start to grow more hair, their voices deepen, and they grow more muscles and experience other bodily changes. 

Normal testosterone levels improve health and make it easier to maintain good body composition. Unfortunately, testosterone levels tend to level off and increase once people reach middle age. 

When testosterone levels drop, people start to lose muscle mass, encounter sexual performance issues, and have mood swings. Finding ways to boost testosterone can stem the tide of symptoms and help you control the impacts of aging.

Here are some ways you can boost testosterone. 

Exercising Boosts Testosterone

Studies show that regular physical activity can increase testosterone …

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All over the world, plastic is used a lot and glass packaging has given way to plastic packaging. In the past, people did not know at all that plastic was actually very bad. Plastic is mainly chosen because it is very cheap when compared to glass. Glass is a lot more expensive to produce and is therefore used less. The average person turns over 7 plastic containers every day, and all this is truly polluting. Plastic is really polluting to the environment, both in production and use. Glass packaging, on the contrary, is very sustainable and there are many more advantages to using glass packaging.

Especially for the cosmetics industry, you can see that the benefits of glass packaging are huge. This is because they ensure that the quality of cosmetic products remains intact. It is also wise to use glass packaging for food products. This is because plastic contains …

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