Multi-Stations- Best Gym Equipment for Full Body Workout

Multi-Stations- Best Gym Equipment for Full Body Workout
If you’re an experienced gym-goer hitting, practicing weight training for long sessions multiple times a week, would definitely have a structured training plan that targets different areas of the body with each workout. Working out using multiple equipment to target different muscle groups separately is surely time consuming, but leads to effective results. 

However, for all those who’re strapped to a hectic routine, a full-body workout is the smartest way to spend your time in the gym. Multi-stations can be the best gym equipment for training key muscle groups all over the body, burning fat and generally getting you into great shape.

So you can run through 3-4 sets (depending on your individual fitness goal and fitness levels) of each move then continue to the next set of exercise. These exercises are compound movements that work multiple muscle groups at once as well as getting your heart pumping, so you’ll be burning fat while building muscle.

Furthermore, multi-stations are one of the best gym equipment for home gyms as well as for commercial gyms that have space constraints. This is because they offer multiple workout possibilities without occupying too much floor space. This enables gym owners to retain their budget while also offering the benefit of various gym equipment.

Fitness Training Using Multi-Station Gym Equipment
Fitness Training Using Multi-Station Gym Equipment

Strength training and functional fitness training prepare your body for daily activities wherein the exercises equip you for the most important type of physical fitness for doing your day-to-day stuff such as bending, twisting, lifting, loading, pushing, pulling, squatting, etc. Most of such fitness training includes multi-joint movement patterns that involve the knees, hips, spine, elbows, wrists, and shoulders, which all build strength and improve the range of motion. 

Multi-stations are one of the best gym equipment for strength and functional training. As the name suggests, these are single gym machines that enable a user to perform multiple exercises on a single unit. The gym equipment is available in two forms: 

  1. Single user multi-station gym equipment: Only one user at a time can workout on the machine, but offers different workout possibilities.
  2. Multi-user multi-station gym equipment: Enables more than one user to perform multiple exercises at the same time.

Let’s deep dive to understand the best gym equipment for full body workout through multi-station gym equipment.

7 Best Gym Equipment for Full Body Workout: Multi-Stations & Functional Training Machines

These Multi Stations incorporate numerous units within space-efficient combos and functional training equipment can be adapted to target every area of the body, in a way that mimics the movements of everyday life.

4-Stack Jungle Machine

This is a combined training unit offering exercise to target muscles of the upper body as well as the lower body. It consists of 4 training stations: Lat Pulldown /Low Row– 90kg, Leg Extension/Seated Leg Curl– 90kg, Shoulder /Chest Press– 90kg, Adjustable Hi/Lo Pulley– 75 kg

Smith Machine

Smith machine consists of a barbell fixed within steel rails allowing only vertical or near-vertical movement. Squats are the most commonly performed using a smith machine, but it also offers other varieties of exercises such as bench press, chest press, military press, squats, lunges, curls, shoulder shrugs, and many more.

Single Station Multi Gym – FM 3001

Housing exercise units like multi-press arms, lat pulldown, functional pulleys, leg extension/leg curl, seated row/low pulley station, FM 3001 is a a user-friendly, and one of the best gym equipment that is cleverly engineered to offer free-range movements, targeting various muscle groups for full-body workout. Effectively working out the user’s arms, upper back, shoulders, and leg muscles, this gym equipment can be used in commercial gyms as well as as home gym equipment.

Rowing Machine

This exercise helps to target all muscle groups to strengthen each muscle group- from shoulders and arms, to back, hamstrings and glutes. Providing simultaneous upper- and lower-body conditioning while also supporting low-impact cardio exercises, it activates muscle groups in your arms, shoulders, core, and legs through a series of controlled movements. Rowers are great tools to test your endurance, wherein you can increase the resistance on the rower and perform faster strokes to increase your workout intensity. 

Dual Adjustable Pulley

It enables users to train various muscle groups and perform several strength training workouts that build balance, stability, and power. Some of the exercises that can be performed using this machine are- Lat Pull-down, Squats, Rows, Inner/Outer thigh Kicks, etc. 

Plate-Loaded Multi Gym

This multi-gym with its ISO-lateral movement of the arms enhances the natural range of motion targeting the intended muscles. By providing numerous workout options, offering four primary sections:

  1. Lat Pull Down System: Can be used with the handles of your choice, enabling you to perform different exercises.
  2. Moving ISO-Lateral Lever Arms: Enables natural range of motion.
  3. Low Row: It is intentionally designed and located in a position so that the user can comfortably access it while using an adjustable bench
  4. Pull Up Bar: Pull-ups can be performed without any additional adjustments to the machine, thus useful especially while performing the supersets.


Full body workout machines are great for home gyms as well as for commercial gym setups. If you’re a home gym owner, then you might end up using the multi-station gym equipment as your main piece of equipment. Apart from these gym equipment, accessories such as kettlebells, skipping ropes, pull-up bars, resistance bands, etc. can also be used for a full-body workout. Click here to know the best equipment for your home gym setup, considering various aspects.
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